Tell Me I’m Not The Only One (who feels this way)

Happy New Year…or is it, really? I’ve reflected over the past year, thought long, and developed that traditional list of resolutions. After looking at last year’s resolution list, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s quite possible I slept through 2013 or completely checked out of my focus after May. My resolve? Not to allow 2014 to become a simple extension of 2013.

How, one may ask? In all honesty, I haven’t the darndest idea! I have this naïve hope that frequently checking on my progress toward my goals will help motivate me into sticking with  my plans.

Plans…oh goodness! As an educator everything I do daily is developed into a plan. As an out-of-work educator, my daily routine is consisting of constant “to do” lists that I can easily tell the time of day according to my activity. Routine? Absolutely. Mundane? No in the least.

Back to my goals. You won’t see the annual “I’m going to get fit” resolution here. Instead, I’m pushing myself to write something each day; an entry in my journal, a recipe my family enjoyed, a photo I’ve taken, a dream. There are no boundaries I’ve placed on my writing..the sky is the limit. And well, we will all see exactly what (if any) platform this blog will take on….

And with that, let the New Year begin as I buckle my seatbelt in for this wild rollercoaster of life!  


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