Trials and Errors of Brownie Baking (New Recipe Day)

The other day, Boy Number 3 requested brownies. Apparently his pack of 12 “Donald Duck Cakes” from the local Mexican Store are in short supply and he’s rationing those until we visit the store again for our monthly purchase of carnitas.
Being the good mom I am, I decided today would be the day I made the brownies. Looking in my pantry, I looked for the packaged brownie mix that is usually a staple in our house. To my shock and disbelief, no brownie mixes were to be found. Since I am against the wearing of pajama pants to the local grocery store, not to mention yesterday’s make up isn’t that flattering; I decided to attempt to make the brownies from scratch. (shock and awe, people…)
I found a pretty easy recipe online for my brownie experiment. Laying out the butter so it would reach room temperature, I located the rest of the ingredients in the pantry. After knocking over a soy sauce container and cleaning the liquid-glassy mixture up once the jar exploded in the pantry, I began my kitchen adventure.

Heating the oven to 350* as the recipe directed, I mixed all the chocolaty goodness. I realized quickly that I did not have regular chocolate chips, rather, I had accidentally purchased the baking melts. I tossed those suckers into the mixing bowl and stirred them around in a little bit.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

The recipe directed me to bake the brownies for 25 minutes. HUGE LIE. Although the wonderful aroma of something yummy was permeating my house and taunting this sugar lovers taste buds. The brownies actually baked for 40 minutes and were still a little gooey, which, just happens to be the way boy numbers 2 and 3 like their brownies.

Looks like this experiment was a success!

Looks like this experiment was a success!